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I have tried to continue what I considered a ministry as well as a business for as long as possible, but it has become no longer financially feasible as I have been operating 'in the red' for over a year now.  Thanks and much love to all those who supported this effort.  I pray the HCG Protocol will continue to help people who need this natural means of weight reduction so very much. 

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Amount to Release:  I have been asked if it is worth it to go on the Protocol to just reduce 30 lbs.  My humble opinion is that this protocol is worth doing if you only have 5 lbs to release, and many of my clients have proven this to be the case!  It is an excellent cleanse for the body, helps adjust your eating habits to a far more healthy pattern, and apparently has other healing benefits as well!  Dr. Simeons addresses this subject and how to modify the Protocol to accomplish smaller releases here:

Goal Reached Before End P2

Apple Day:  This is a method used in the Phase 2 Reduction Phase to help break a stall.  It consists of eating up to six apples of any variety and nothing more besides just enough pure water to satisfy an uncomfortable thirst throughout the day.  According to Dr. Simeons, it is primarily psychological as the weight will continue to reduce without an Apple Day in good time, and the weight release after an Apple Day is primarily due to water loss.  It may also help to drink Dandelion Tea, which acts as a diuretic, instead, which can be found in my Tea Store here:

Breastfeeding: You know, there are a lot of women who get pregnant shortly after giving birth, and at that time they begin to produce massive amounts of hCG in their bodies.  They are never advised not to breast feed, so it seems logical to conclude that hCG in the body will not be a detriment to your baby.  I have seen Dr. Belluscio, the man who is carrying on Simeons' work in Argentina, respond in such a way to that question as well.
The biggest difficulty I would anticipate is the ultra-low calories consumed on Phase 2.  You want to ensure that you are fully nourished while breastfeeding so that you can be up to all the demands of new motherhood.  You could try using hCG during this time primarily to reduce cravings and help to reset the hypothalamus, but you may want to consume more calories than called for by the VLCD.  I'd recommend around 800 minimum up to whatever is needed for you to maintain your goal weight.

I want to add, however, that this is not the optimal time to do the Protocol, so if you have 30 lbs or less to release, you may want to put it off for another time when you can make it a priority, which is most helpful to success. If your health is in serious danger due to your weight, however, proceed with caution.


Yeast Infection Treatment

Candida:  Natural ways to take care of this wretched condition are available!  Here are a few that I have used successfully in the links to the right.

This issue should be addressed in order to ensure hunger-free Phase 2!




Syclovir - Royal Defense (9 oz.) (250g)



Syclovir - Royal Defense (9 oz.) (250g)


Click Here! for 'Yeast Infection No More!' EBook with a Unique 5-Step Method no one else will tell you about!

CC or ml:  These units mean the same thing and are interchangeable.  'cc' stands for 'cubic centimenter.  'ml' represents 'milliliter'.  Both are volume units.  Your syringe will be in one or both of these units.  See Mixing Instructions for more information.

Cellulite:  Oh, yeah, I have/had cellulite issues.  But they are rapidly diminishing, halleluYah!!!  HCG takes care of that as well.  See Re-Sculpting.

Cheating:  When you choose to deviate from the original Protocol, it depends on the type & magnitude of deviation as to what consequences may ensue.   With this Protocol, fluctuations can be pretty wild if something is tried that was not instructed.

I recommend attempting to remain true to the original as much as possible on one's first round so that there will be a benchmark to compare any experimental changes you make in order to determine if there is a marked difference one way or another.

There are a number of deviations from the original Protocol that folks have tried that appear to be safe such as:

  • Sublingual Dosing - more info here

  • Substituting Protein Powder for meat portions - more info here

  • Shirataki Noodles - more info here

  • Supplements - more info here

There are other things that have worked for some, but not for others (experiment with care!):

  • Not skipping a day of dosing for Injections

  • Using personal care products with oils

  • Adding blueberries, broccoli, green beans to allowed foods menu for P2

  • Using MCT fat foods like coconut oil and macadamia nuts to break a stall (be really careful with this one as it can backfire in a big way)

It is not recommended that one simply abandon the Protocol for a meal or treat at any time during Phase 2 in particular as the consequences can undo many days of progress.  Should this occur, it is important to correct immediately and proceed very strictly from that point on.  It won't completely eradicate your progress (unless it occurs very early on) so one is better off to finish with some success than none at all.  Just learn from your mistake and keep on going!

I don't recommend doing an Apple Day to compensate as some folks have tried as that is specifically to break a stall and really doesn't help in the even of a cheat.  See more information here: I Cheated?!?

If you are cheating because of hunger, please read the discussion here for tips.

Constipation:  Some folks have a little trouble getting backed up, probably because of the high ratio of protein to fiber and the small quantity of food being eaten.  This can be the source of a stall and, when remedied, can break the stall beautifully!  There are several ways to combat this:

Eating Out & Travel:  Eating out is a great challenge on this protocol!  I don't think it is wise to do it very often, but it is possible to stay faithful to the menu if you are willing to

  • make specific, detailed special requests and insist on them being carried out or sending the item back if it is not, and/or

  • bring your own food. 

For example, I have been known to mix up one of my delicious dressings and bring it in a jar so that all I had to do was request a large pasta bowl full of mixed greens &/or romaine to pour it over. 

One of the biggest problems with eating out is Fast Food and MSG.  There really are hardly any 'fast food' restaurants that don't use MSG.  MSG is notorious for messing up your hypothalamus and causing the low metabolism and cravings that we are working so hard with hCG to eradicate!  Watch this video to understand the ubiquity of MSG and why we must avoid it at all costs:


Another TIP:

I made special requests on my trip to New York city for the Mike and Juliet show when I called room service and asked for the Free Range Chicken Breast without rice, carrots or au jus, and adding a side of grilled asparagus and a Field Greens salad with nothing but the greens.  It was great, and I was able to get both my meals for the day from it.  The chef even weighed the chicken uncooked for me!  I had brought a grapefruit and some Shirataki Noodles with me and my Brunch ended up looking like this:

I had the asparagus and the rest of the chicken for dinner with an apple I brought with for dessert! 

Smoothies are also a great meal when you are out and about, but make sure you know the exact ingredients (sugar is almost always added in one form or another...just say 'NO!') &/or request that they add some ingredients you have brought along.  It is a good idea to carry a serving or 2 of Protein Powder in a baggie or jar.  Have your strawberries or apple added in and it can be quite delicious with some ice & water blended well.  Or go the distance and have a Sheepra Smoothie

So it is possible and sometimes works really well, but, again, I don't advise doing it often as the temptations and feelings of deprivation can add up quickly.


Essential Oils:  Although known as 'oils' these essential oil compounds are chemically completely unrelated to fatty oils (such as olive oil etc.).
Chemically they belong to the huge family of terpenes, which are
ubiquitous in the plant world. Terpenes are very complex chemicals and
some form enormously long chained molecules. Essential oils tend to
consist of rather shorter sequences known as monoterpenes and
sesquiterpenes or ring-like structures called 'benzene rings'.
You may have noticed that if you get essential oils on your clothing
that they don't leave a stain like a fatty oil would. So these are
not a problem, as long as they haven't been mixed with a carrier oil
that does contain fat such as olive or safflower oil.



My philosophy on exercise during the protocol is this:

If you haven't been exercising regularly, the beginning of the protocol is NOT the time to start.  In fact, some have found that it causes stalls!  I do think that once you get under a BMI that categorizes you as 'obese' into the 'overweight' category, then you may start incorporating some very light exercise into your daily routine SLOWLY.  I started off with the hanging from the bar exercises described here and 120 hops on the rebounder first thing in the AM.  Every couple weeks I would add a little something, like calf stretches, grande plies, Son Salutations (my Believer's version of the yoga exercise), Sit-ups, Crocodile Twists, etc., just one at a  time with LOW reps.  You can see suggested exercises for Phase 2 on the P2 Daily Planning Calendar.  You will love the PraiseMoves DVDs & other products we have available for you to practice yoga-style stretching while writing YHVH's Word on your heart simultaneously!

Dieters who insist on incorporating a workout while on the HCG diet could inhibit their weight loss. While limited amounts of exercise are okay (20 minutes of walking, floor and ball exercise, or stretching for instance) intense workouts just aren’t supportable. Exercise increases hunger.

Please remember that the combination of the low calorie diet and the exercise could cause the body to go into starvation mode; holding onto the weight you’re trying to lose. It has a negative impact by lowering your stamina and many then lose their commitment to the diet plan.

HCG dieters who felt they were going to miss the exercise eventually come around because the method is effective. They lose weight. And they lose it fast. When they get back to the gym, they feel better, they’re at a lower weight, they have more energy and they’re able to pick up where they left off.

Do I believe in exercise? You bet I do! I just want you to be successful with your weight loss, the transition, maintain your weight loss and introduce yourself to a healthy lifestyle along with diet, nutrition and exercise.

Now, there is one other type of exercise which recently came to my attention that is perfect for P3 & 4:

Fat Burining Furnace Workout

The great thing about it is that it will boost the metabolism by building muscle, but will do it by burning those brown fat stores!  AND it only takes 20 minutes 3 days a week!  In fact, you aren't supposed to do anymore than that!  It will build your heart and lungs safely, too.  Check it out!  The site is very entertaining:)

Fish:  You can have a variety of fish, just stick to white, lean fish like haddock, flounder, etc.  Best to get wild caught to avoid the toxins issue as much as possible.  Even better, don't eat any animal products and use the Pea Protein Powder!

Hair: I use these supplements (even during P2) for my hair:

  • Biotin

  • Thymus Extract (yes it is animal origin YUK)

  • Niacin

  • FoTi

I already am genetically predisposed to thinning hair and, I must admit that the protocol exacerbates that for some folks.  So, I have noticed it getting worse with the rapid weight reduction, which is common with any weight release regimen.  I have also been adding liquid extracts of burdock, foti, & nettles to my shampoo, in addition to lots of aloe.  This has helped immensely!

You may want to consider using my elixir recipe as well:

Sheepra's Salve-ation for Luxurious Locks :

Add to bottle of Emu Oil (P3 & P4 only; for P2 use only Sheepra Silver Colloidal Silver to replace oil)

 2 droppers full each:

  • Fo-Ti Extract,

  • Burdock Extract,

  • Nettles Extract,

  • A few drops of your fave essential oil (I like Ylang-Ylang & Patchouli mixed)

  • 1 Tablespoon Sheepra Silver Colloidal Silver &

  • 1 bottle Thymus liquid (opt).

Store in refrigerator. Massage into scalp 3 times daily for one month. 

All ingredients available at

Direct link to that section:

Hair Rescue

Yes, it is going to be oily for the P3/4 version, although you can use the P2 version for P3/4 if you like, but I just don't put too awfully much on.  I like to use one of those applicator bottles my mom has left over from dying her hair (available at Sally's) because it has a very small opening so that you can control the amount you put on your scalp better.  I don't always use it 3 times a day, though that would be optimal.  But on days I'm not going anywhere, I sometimes do.  You can also put it on your head with one of those plastic bags folks use (again, available at Sally's or similar) and use it at night while sleeping.  For the P2 version with Sheepra Silver instead of Emu Oil, I use a little spray bottle.
Just remember that even if you do lose some hair, everyone that has reports it growing back after finishing Phase 2.


Hey, folks, to deal with a rumor that is apparently going around: I have been doing the wig thing, but I haven't lost all my hair!  In fact, I do not wear a wig in my last couple vids & you folks can see it is still there!  I admit that I have thin hair to begin with and that it hasn't exactly gotten better since I began the protocol.  It is common knowledge that rapid weight reduction generally results in some hair loss.  But I certainly haven't gone bald or even close! 
I really have developed a penchant for the convenience and versatility of wigs, however, hence my use of them in vids & photos of late.  No worries! 



Hunger:  (Also see 'Temptations')

Things to consider:

  • If you are having hunger, be sure to ask yourself: could it be you didn't load sufficiently?  That is usually the case.  Even if you gorged, if you didn't focus on high fat foods, it may have been inadequate. If you were dieting just prior to doing your loading, that can require additional loading to 'prime the pump' of the body to access those abnormal fat stores.

  • Is it possible that your hCG isn't potent?  Some ways this could happen:  When mixing or dosing you handled the mix too roughly (e.g., shaking, dropping, shooting mixing liquids into vial too fast); the Mix has been allowed to get too warm or has been frozen.  If this is the case, you will want to consider mixing a fresh batch for dosing!  Note: If you want to test your mix, just get a pregnancy test stick and put a few drops onto the test area along with enough water to make the stick absorb the mix and see if you get +.  If so, the mix is potent and there isn't anything wrong with the hCG. 

  • Or you may be actually experiencing emotional rather than physical hunger.  I finally found myself able to distinguish between the two since I began taking the hCG.  This little tool below can also help you to put things in perspective:

  • Another possibility is the presence of Candida.  Be sure to do a cleanse immediately if you suspect this is the problem.

  • It also seems to be that ladies who are going through menopause while on the Protocol sometimes have more hunger issues as the hypothalamus can be stubborn about re-setting at that time.

  • Are you really taking hCG?  If you are using homeopathic hCG, the answer is, "No!" and it is no wonder you are hungry.  It just won't pull that nearly 2000 calories/day from your abnormal fat stores to satisfy your nutritional needs like the real thing.  Try to get your money back and then go to to buy the active hCG that will really work for you!

  • Many people find that the tiniest amount of cheating will result in increased hunger.

  • Dieters who have recently (within the past 6 months)
    quit smoking, drinking, caffeine, etc., also find temporary hunger during the first or second week of their protocol.  Hang in there and see the tips below.

  • Consuming caffeine has recently been indicated to cause cravings.  Cut that stuff out!  Try some Zevia Black Cherry flavor soda at your local health food market!

  • Speaking of sodas, are you drinking diet sodas with splenda, aspartame or other artificial sweeteners (other than Stevia)?  If so, this is likely the source of your cravings as it has been shown conclusively that these artificial sweeteners actually cause hunger!  Try that Zevia soda that is out now to replace diet sodas.  They have some great flavors (my fave is Black Cherry), but don't get the ones with caffeine because that will cause cravings, too.

  • Are you exercising?  See Exercise!

  • An additional consideration if you are hungry during Phase 2 : You know, this is sometimes a sign that your body has reached an ideal weight.  It isn't always what we wish it to be, and Simeons often ran into problems with the celebrities that he treated wanting to be far thinner than the Protocol would take them.  But when the body reaches its' ideal weight, he says, the Protocol will take it no further.  So perhaps you are actually where you need to be.  How tall are you?  Are you large, medium, or small boned?  These are factors, of course.  You may also want to make note of your body shape at this point.  You will probably find, as most folks who do this Protocol find, that it is better at this weight than it has ever been before at this weight.  That can mean you are 'there'.  If this is the case, one is directed to increase calories to 800/day until day 21 of the VLCD.

Remedies to try:

  • Make sure to start off by spreading your foods out to keep from being hungry.  For example, have a fruit for breakfast, your meat for lunch, a veggie for snack, meat & veggie for dinner and fruit for evening snack/dessert.  Just an idea to start off with to help you gain confidence. 

  • You may also want to plan on having around 30 oz of water about 30 minutes after your morning hCG dose, then again 30 minutes before your lunch, and once again a half hour before dinner.  You can spread this out however you like, but that is how I do it and it seems to work for me.  The water is intrinsic to staving off hunger as well as helping the fat & toxins to have a route out of the body.

  • Hey, have you tried my Pudding recipe?  When I get real hungry on P2, that is what I eat.  And you can have as much as you want because it is zero everything if you don't use the apple or protein powder.  You can also have as much of the 'Jello', Tea Spritzer & 'Popcorn' recipes as you want.  You may, if you haven't already, consider spreading your foods out over the day instead of just 2 meals.  And, if you will try some of my soup & salad recipes, you can have some very large & satisfying meals!  Click on the cookbook above to go to my Recipes page!

  • Plump up your meals with Miracle Noodles, P2 SAFE!

  • Another VERY helpful way to reduce cravings:




    Just put one drop on your tongue and enjoy the refreshing flavor that makes you feel like you have something special in your mouth!

    A great replacement for Toothpaste on Phase 2, as well!

  • Try some of the lovely supplements that have made a big difference for my clients and me here: Cravings Toolbox

  • Now if all else fails and you feel a binge coming on, just increase your calories to 800/day for a while.  It will slow your release rate, but that's better than losing ground. 

  • Another place to give before you throw in the towel is to add some foods that aren't on the Phase 2 menu.  Some folks have tried coconut oil (1-2 teaspoons/day) or a handful of macadamia nuts for breaking a stall.  This addition can also get you through a hunger episode.  You may also want to just add some things like blueberries, green beans, even low fat, organic, lower carb canned soups can save the day ( I have been known to get some veggie soup and add protein powder).  Be prepared: this may stall you out or even cause a slight gain, but it is better than giving up.  Usually these extreme tactics are only needed after multiple rounds done too close together without sufficient Phase 4 time in between, so try to avoid that!

  • Sheepra Booster Toddy can help cut cravings!

  • Last resort for hard core food addicts and those who are in the midst of transition to menopause: Naltrexone. 

    Please note that if you are experiencing perimenopause and having problems with maintenance or binge eating, I suggest you talk to your doctor about trying Naltima.  It has been a God-send to me in helping with both problems.  I take 2 daily.  This is not for everyone by a long shot.  It does have some impact on the liver, so I like to take it with Milk Thistle.  The label usage is commonly for heroin addicts and alcoholics as it blocks the opioid receptors in the brain so that you can get over that crazy 'buzz' that results from these substances.  It has also been found to be effective in BED (Binge Eating Disorder) for some people, and I am apparently one of the blessed ones.  Another drawback, however, is that you must wear identification to show that you are taking it in case of an accident where you might require pain medication, because pain medication won't work when you are using Naltima.  So, like I said, it isn't for everyone by any means.  If you are in a bad way, however, and have tried everything else, and this sounds like something that will fit your situation, you can get it here:



Immunity:  Immunity is an issue that Simeons warns about potentially occurring in his 'Pounds and Inches' treatise here:

Immunity to HCG

Simeons advises skipping one day/week of hCG doses as well as the first 3 days or so of TOM in order to avoid immunity, as well as limiting doses to 43 per round.  This seems to be more critical for Injection Dosing than for Sublingual Dosing.

Injections:  I consider this method of dosing inferior to Sublingual (SL), however it is the choice of a number of HCGers, so here are some FAQs about it.

  • Where?: Apparently it is a good idea to rotate your injection site from day to day.  I had did left thigh, right thigh, left buttock, right, left arm, right, and stomach.  It will work as long as you get it into your blood stream.  Most peeps like stomach best.
  • How long?: The original protocol has a maximum set of 40 hCG injections or 34 lbs released, unless a person is 'grotesquely obese', in which case they are allowed to drop an 'aditional 5-6 lbs if this occurs before the 40 injections are up.'
    However, on sublingual dosing, many have been known to go all the way to goal, though I don't recommend more than 50 days. This is another reason I prefer sublingual over injections: the immunity issue is not a significant problem to the extent that it is with injections (see Rounds). Apparently with injections folks find that if they don't adhere to the original protocol restrictions, they develop an immunity to the hCG and it becomes ineffective at that point.
  • How to Mix?:  Go here for Injection Mixing Instructions
I have been observing the HCGDieters Yahoo forum since September 2007, and my research indicates that SL (sublingual) is just as effective as injections.  You can go here (Weight Release Rate) to see my thoughts on what influences weight release rate in general and why I advocate SL over IM.
It doesn't appear to me that IM is better than SQ, either.  I believe that the delivery method is not what really makes the difference in how effective hCG is for an individual.  I think that Simeons & most doctors & many clinics utilize injections because it gives them better control over requiring the patient to come in and be observed, as well as more recently, providing an opportunity for additional office charges and creating an impression that the protocol cannot be done by a layman.  And remember that with SL one uses approximately double the dosage that injections require, so the amount getting into the system is most likely completely equivalent.  It has been noted that the method usually used with SL of dosing twice a day gives advantages over injection once a day because it keeps the hCG levels in the system more level. 
Although I haven't compiled the data I have observed, I believe my conclusions are logical and realistic.  I am very happy with my results, which you can view by clicking here

  I don't think it is necessary to go to the additional trouble & risk associated with injections to achieve the best possible outcome.  I know that for me, and likely for others, possibly you, not having to add the stress of injections to the protocol is worth any tiny advantage that they may have to offer (again, I think this unlikely) so that my ability to succeed is greatly enhanced, not to mention the fact that stress inhibits weight release.  Please consider all these factors before making your final decision on dosing method.


IU:  'IU' stands for international unit, and is representative of the concentration of a substance.  Your hCG will be ordered usually in either 1500, 2000, 5000, or 10000 IU vials or ampoules.  The higher the IU, the more concentrated the powdered hCG is, so you are getting more hCG.  Please keep in mind that the lower the IU you purchase, the more frequently you will have to mix.  That can be a hassle, but it will help to ensure that your mix is more potent.  Also, though, it will be more expensive to order more vials of lower IU than one vial at 5000 or 10000.  See HOW TO MIX Sublingual or Injection Mixing Instructions for more information.


Ketone Sticks:  Taking a reading each AM with Ketone Sticks is extremely helpful in determining if the hCG is still working. This is particularly important when one encounters a stall and cannot think of any reason for it. If the sticks continue to indicate high burning, one can relax and know that it is 'just one of those things' described by Simeons that occurs occasionally and that one has no need to concern one's self with changing anything. This happened to me last week and I would have gone bonkers without those blessed sticks. The drop finally came! Apparently it was a 'former setpoint' as Simeons discusses in his treatise.

You can get yourself some Ketone Sticks from Wal-Mart and test yourself each morning in your urine stream and if you don't get one of the top 3 readings, then you are doing something that needs adjustment because the hCG isn't burning adequately.  Otherwise, you are just fine, even if you are in a stall.  It is handy to have them on hand so that if you do try something new, you can see if it interfered with your progress or not. 

Kevin Trudeau:  I have read all of this man's health & cures books and agree with most of what he has to say.  I think that the lawsuit against him is only evidence of what he has written about how 'powers that be' are conspiring against the health & wellbeing of the public for greedy motivations.  The lawsuit has to do with his statement in the infomercial (which has been taken off the air) that one can 'eat anything you want' after completion of the protocol.  I don't believe this is fraud because of the key word 'want'.  It appears that hCG does indeed make changes in the hypothalamus that result in a significant decrease in appetite and even in what one does desire when one becomes hungry.  It is my opinion that his book is an answered prayer, because it certainly was for me, literally!  And I was praying for this whole country's obesity epidemic as well, which this protocol has made inroads to alleviating.  The infomercial for this book was my first exposure to the protocol and after I did some internet research on the subject I purchased the book.  It is a very valuable resource and I highly recommend it. It is true that Trudeau makes many 'suggestions' for success on the protocol that can be rather involved and costly, but that is all most of it is: suggestion.  It is Simeons' original 'Pounds and Inches' description of the Protocol that will tell you the primary hard & fast rules for success, however.

Kosher:   This Protocol can be done with a kosher menu quite easily simply by eliminating the shellfish from the original Protocol menu.

Also, I have been asked a number of times if hCG is 'kosher'.  Here is my answer:

The hCG that is available from the services I recommend at

are neither HALAL nor Kosher certified.

However, I am aware of a provision that Halacha (Jewish Law) often makes allowances for one who is ill, and the premise of the HCG Protocol is that obesity is due to malfunction of the hypothalamus in the brain, i.e., an illness. Since hCG is uni­que and requi­red to save a life, other requirements for this exception to Law, and it is defi­ni­tely a uni­que medi­ca­tion that works, it meets these requirements.  Hence, in certain instances one is permitted to take a non-Kosher medicine and laws fof kosher are suspended in many instances for medical purposes. 

Here is an example: use of substances obtained from a living human is not considered unholy, as in feeding human breast milk to a baby is not prohibited. 

Another example: Taking insulin shots made of porcine product does not pose any problem whatsoever. We are forbidden to orally ingest pork, but may benefit from non-kosher foods or their byproducts in other ways.

As important as one treats the laws of Kashrus, one is also obligated to treat the mitzva of 'nishmartem m'od l'nafshotaichem "Take care of your health". 

LDW or LIW:  These are acronyms for 'Last Dose Weight' and 'Last Injection Weight' respectively.  Both apply to the weight observed on the morning of the last day to use hCG in Phase 2.  That weight is the one which an hCGer must stay within +/- 2 lbs of throughout Phases 3 & 4 before taking action in the form of a 'Steak Day' or increase of calorie intake.  LDW is generally used to refer to those using SL, while LIW refers to those taking injections.

 Leg Cramps:  Taking about 99 mg/day of Potassium supplement has alleviated this occasional side effect for many folks, including moi!  When you do get one, though, a handy remedy that my mom heard about is to take your thumbs and squeeze the muscle from either side of the center of the cramp.  Works every time!  Thanks, Muzzie!

Loading:  You DO need to take the hCG on loading days.  The loading works with the hCG to prep your bod for the changes coming.  The emphasis here is on consuming foods high in FAT.  You may eat whatever you want, but fats are what you need to focus on these loading days.  Loading days are to help your body set up the new hCG in your system to start burning fat.  You will want to eat or 'load up' on as many fatty foods as you can possibly stand.  Dr. Simeons' Protocol states to 'eat to capacity' for those first 2 days on the hCG.  The consequence if you don't has been for many to discover that their hunger is still there and can become uncomfortable.  If you 'load' properly, you will find that the hCG begins right away to scavenge needed calories from your abnormal fat stores (the really annoying ones like in the gut) so that you feel no real hunger at all.  This doesn't mean you won't experience some 'emotional' hunger, especially if you are around others eating whatever they want.  But you will discover the ability to distinguish between the two types of hunger: real & emotional.  I was amazed and thrilled when this happened, as most folks are.  So loading is important. 

My mother used the 'Eat Every 2 Hours' method, and it served her well.  Not easy, but it works.
Now, you can include foods high in sugars & starches as well, but the emphasis for this purpose is on fatty foods like avocados, almond butter, olive oil and the like.  I confess, however, that my first load was partly spent at a state fair and included such nasties as fried twinkie (my first...& last!), funnel cake, chocolate banana and greasy veggie sub, to name a few only!  You will find it difficult as the hCG will already have begun to dampen your appetite, but it is important that you push yourself to eat, perhaps even every couple hours for those 2 days, if you can.  It sounds like fun at first, but, believe me, it really isn't after a point at all.  You will welcome that first VLCD day!  See more here:


Menopause & Perimenopause:

If one is well into menopause and past the transitional phase, there are usually no significant problems with the Protocol.  However, Simeons is clear that if one experiences the transition into menopause after the Protocol it will likely be necessary to go on the Protocol again because the hypothalamus setting is skewed by perimenopause (i.e., the transition to menopause) (see Relapses).  Therefore, for those who are attempting to do the Protocol in the midst of perimenopause, unfortunately many will find special challenges.  I don't feel this is a reason to give up.  However, some have reported hunger issues that weren't warranted for any other reason (see Hunger) as well as slower reduction rates and increased difficulty with fluctuations and maintenance on Phases 3 & 4.  I believe persistence and additional alkalizing may help one to get through this time.  Patience with one's self is also very important, but prayer is the most helpful.  Feel free to email me if you would like for me to add your special needs during menopause to my prayer list!

Please note that if you are experiencing perimenopause and having problems with maintenance or binge eating, I suggest you talk to your doctor about trying Naltima.  It has been a God-send to me in helping with both problems.  I take 2 daily during times when it is most difficult.  This is not for everyone by a long shot.  It does have some impact on the liver, so I like to take it with Milk Thistle.  The label usage is commonly for heroin addicts and alcoholics as it blocks the opioid receptors in the brain so that you can get over that crazy 'buzz' that results from these substances.  It has also been found to be effective in BED (Binge Eating Disorder) for some people, and I am apparently one of the blessed ones.  Another drawback, however, is that you must wear identification to show that you are taking it in case of an accident where you might require pain medication, because pain medication won't work when you are using Naltima.  So, like I said, it isn't for everyone by any means.  If you are in a bad way, however, and have tried everything else, and this sounds like something that will fit your situation, you can get it here:




Miracle Noodles: I am very certain that they will actually help you on P2 because you need the fiber to keep things moving along, if you know what I mean

They really have 0 anything in them as they are pure fiber.  Now the bulk of fiber may result in a very small initial gain as your body incorporates this new food, but the overall weight differential will not be affected.

You may purchase a wide variety here:

Miracle Noodles

Also, note that they are wonderful to take on the flavors of ingredients they are mixed with.  Simply be sure to rinse well in a colander, then drain thoroughly and dry off if desired.  You may, of course, also cook them, though I prefer to cook foods as little as possible in order to preserve the nutrients and enzymes.  They do have an intrinsically fishy smell, but they really don't have any flavor of their own being rather bland until used in a recipe.

For more HCGCoach Recommended Products for the Kitchen, go HERE.


Mixing: Mixing is not as complex as it may seem.  But if the detailed instructions overwhelm you, I recommend:

Super Simple Sheepra Sublingual Pre-Mix Mixing Kit


For other Mixing Kits, please go here:

You will find links to Mixing Instructions links in the product descriptions.

What to Look For When Buying an HCG Mixing Kit <---click 

Kits  go with

All glass ampoule of hCG come in the following brands:

Organon, Lupi, Fertigyn, Ovanal HP, Ovutrig HP


Vials with rubber seal of hCG come in the following brands:

HUCOG, UNI, Corion, Ovidac


Mixing Container - Amber Vial: The best way to store your mixture is to use an amber (to keep light out, because the mixture is light sensitive & will degrade otherwise), glass, rubber stopper sealed vial (available here).  This also keeps air out which will degrade the mix as well.  In addition, it is just easier to dose using a syringe and being able to draw through the rubber stopper with the vial inverted rather than having to try to draw solution into syringe from an upright container.

Mixing Frequency: The simplest and least costly method for mixing is to do it once at the beginning of a round.  If you find that potency becomes an issue, note that many clients increase the dosage slightly (e.g., .02 cc/week increase daily for S/L, .01 cc/biweekly icrease daily for Inj).

Although it is a bit of a hassle, it is well worth while to mix frequently during a round for optimal results.  It has been shown recently that hCG degrades in potency much more quickly than previously believed after mixing and further research has resulted in increased release rate with weekly mixing. 

That means if you are doing

  • Sublingual Dosing, you will want to consider purchasing 6   2000IU vials for an approximately 30 day round (likely a bit less due to mixing/dosing cumulative errors).

  • For Injection Dosing, 3   2000IU vials  for a long round (~48 days), and 2   2000IU vials for a short round (~26-30 days).



Oral Tablets & Homeopathic HCG:  The hCG tablets, or hCG pills, that are out there for sale (OraThin) are bogus.  Lots of people have found that out the hard way.  They consist of nothing more than an herbal blend that will not be comparable in any way to hCG Protocol.


I heard from some ladies who said OraThin worked very well for them.  I told them what as opponents of hCG always say: anyone can lose weight by going on 500 calories/day.  The difference in doing it with hCG and doing it any other way is that with hCG your body is able to access the abnormal fat stores to the tune of about 2000 calories/day so that you don't get hungry or experience any other difficulties usually related to very low calorie dieting.  One will also find that the body is re-sculpted due to the abnormal fat stores being eliminated rather than needed fat in other areas, as in cushion for the organs.  Orathin does not contain hCG.  It is an herbal combination that may help you to control appetite to some degree, but it will not be to the same extent as hCG.  You will not get the re-sculpting.  Your hypothalamus will not be re-set so that your metabolism works better and your cravings are eliminated.  Consequently, you will have better long term results with hCG than with OraThin.  It is, of course, still possible to gain the weight back from the Protocol if one doesn't make the attempt to use the will power derived from the reduced cravings to do so, but less likely.
In fact, doing a VLCD (very low calorie diet) without hCG is likely to mess up the hypothalamus even worse so that your metabolism becomes even more difficult to re-set and your cravings become more intense over time.  NOT recommended!

There is an oral product from Releana that contains prescription grade hCG.  I don't recommend it for 2 reasons: it is very expensive and it contains ingredients that I think are not fit to put in one's body.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad Releana is available...I have researched their ingredients, tho, and am not overly impressed.  Some are things I would prefer not to put into my body.  Their ingredients include:

  • sodium bicarbonate,

  • ethanol (believed by Dr. Bellascio, the man carrying on Simeons' work in Argentina, to degrade the hCG)

  • glycerine (can contribute to cravings)

The formulation is effective, though I think maybe not as effective as our little home recipe.  They put different things in it to make it viable without refrigeration, for one thing, which I think is convenient but unnecessary.


There is one other place that offers an oral product that is legitimate, and that is Dr. Bellascio's Clinic in Argentina.  Obviously that is going to be an option that won't be available to everyone, however.


I want to take this opportunity to alert you to the increased attention on homeopathic hCG of late.  I have investigated this tantalizing concept, but, unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to pan out.  You see, the primary law of homeopathy is to use substances that would cause the symptoms one is experiencing in a healthy person, but will alleviate those same symptoms when given in a homeopathic dilution.  For example, if my symptoms produce an effect on me similar to a tarantula's bite, then tarantula venom would be my homeopathic treatment, even though I've not actually been bitten by a tarantula.
hCG is a hormone, similar to estrogen & progesterone. No one would think homeopathic birth control pills a feasible alternative!  We know that the body requires a given quantity of molecular hormone to produce a given effect.
In addition, the measurement of success of hCG is not weight reduction, which
studies have shown that a VLCD without hCG results in similar rates as those using hCG, though I have yet to see consistent results from homeopathic hCG comparable to actual hCG.
The proven advantage of hCG is the body being prevented from consuming it's own protein & structural fat during VLCD, meaning the metabolism stays intact. This does not happen when one loses weight on a VLCD without hCG. Given the evidence, this is the touchstone of whether any other type of hCG administration is successful.

Weight reduction occurs with starvation diets, undoubtedly, but that is what Phase 2 using homeopathic 'hCG' is: a starvation diet. It does NOT have the property of enabling your body to access the abnormal fat stores, hence you will not experience the re-setting of the hypothalamus and consequent improved metabolism and elimination of cravings, nor will you have the sculpting effect common to real hCG. In fact, your hypothalamus is further skewed from proper function by the starvation diet on homeopathic 'hCG'.
I recommend requesting a refund based upon the fact that this substance contains no hCG whatsoever, though it is nearly always implied that it does by the vendor. Because of this deception, they are usually amenable to returning your money without any hassle.
You will also want to begin eating a healthy diet that includes sufficient calories to maintain your current weight (NOT P3) until you can get real hCG ( to try the Protocol again correctly. Most folks have found that waiting about 6 weeks and being sure to load very well for the 2 days prior to the VLCD is sufficient.
  Having been on what is essentially a starvation diet also make it more difficult for the body to switch to burning the abnormal fat stores when taking hCG, which Simeons suggests can require up to a week of loading to counteract.  So that is another option rather than eating to maintain for 6 weeks, although a load that long will likely set you back so far that it will take that extra time to take off the weight anyway.  The waiting 6 weeks option will be easier on your body, too, so I recommend that instead.
So please be wary of the promotion of homeopathic hCG.  As tempting as the prices and simplicity may be, there is no real evidence that it will give you the same results as pharmaceutical grade hCG and I do not recommend it, especially since the most likely consequence will be to further skew the hypothalamus!

UPDATE: FDA finally got something right about hCG and has declared the dangerous homeopathic 'drops' illegal:

News Flash Drops Illegal!



 Organic Food: 

Many of you have asked how to cope with high prices of organic foods called for by Trudeau's book in doing the Protocol.  It can be costly when feeding a family!  I do believe it is important, however, as those pesticides & other toxins are likely contributors to the malfunction of our hypothalamus glands, which we are hoping to correct with the hCG.

One option, of course, is to purchase inorganic for the family and organic only for yourself, though another problem then is having to prep your food separately.  Another thing to consider is the foods that are most important to purchase organic and those that aren't so critical:

Get the Guide! This will show you the foods that are safest to purchase conventional so that you can choose when it is most important to shell out the extra $$$s!

You may also find that using the Protein Powder instead of meat for your protein is a far less expensive, as well as more delicious & filling, option.  I have some great recipes that I am certain the whole family would enjoy where the sources for the ingredients are linked right in the recipes here:

Personal Care Products: 

On the Reduction Phase of the Protocol, Phase 2, we are admonished by Dr. Simeons in his 'Pounds & Inches' to refrain from using any personal care products or cosmetics that contain oil on our skin. Apparently the body is so sensitized to scavenge for extraneous fat that it will absorb it through the skin and utilize it, to the detriment of our reducing efforts!  For this reason I have researched carefully, trying numerous different products that are 'legal' to use to find some very wonderful items!You will find many of them either here:

Personal Care

and the rest here:


Here are some excellent PHASE 2 SAFE Moisturizer options:

In addition, I want to share with you that for over 10 years I have believed we can heal ourselves better than the allopathic docs, and the more I dig into it, the more I believe it.

Cosmetics were one of the first subjects I delved into years ago, yet it is really only recently becoming generally known how much junk goes into them.  The mineral makeup trend is encouraging but, like so many other 'health' trends, one has to be cautious not to swallow whole a claim that a given product is 'good for you'.  You simply have to read labels, but you probably already know this, so I won't rant anymore.
One of the best sites on the web to find out if an ingredient, product or manufacturer is safe is this one:

In general, it will let you search on companies & products to see what ratings of harmfulness their ingredients contain.  You will find that

& Affordable Mineral Makeup

have a 0 rating for all of their ingredients.  Jane Iredale, on the other hand, is a different story.

<----You may also look up information about what to avoid here.


MiEssence products are not only safe, but organic as well.  Really beautiful!  They also have safe mineral makeup, but it is a bit more costly than Affordable Mineral Makeup.  Higher quality, too, though.  Maybe I should be telling folks about it, but I thought they would be more interested in the bargain from Affordable, which I confess I use more of to save $$$.  I like the miEssence better, though, just gotta keep expenses low at this juncture;)



pH: This is a measure of acidity or alkalinity in your body.  You can purchase test strips to use with your saliva or urine.  It is intrinsic to health to maintain a slightly alkaline pH (greater than 7.3).  Increasing the fresh fruits & veggies in your diet will help immensely.  Decreasing meats, dairy, processed sugars and flours will also contribute greatly.

Another help is the following:

3 times daily away from food take:
6 oz pure water + 1 oz organic apple cider vinegar + 1 teaspoon aluminum free baking soda
Mix in a deep cup as it will react to form a lot of foam.  Drink immediately.  This will help shift your pH to alkaline for healing.



You may click here for more information on each of the three phases that Kevin Trudeau coined in his book 'The Weight Loss Cure'.  Phases are not referred to in Dr. Simeons' 'Pounds and Inches' because he preceded Trudeau's book as the originator of the Protocol.  Simeons' Protocol consists only of Phases 2, 3, & 4.

Pounds & Inches: 

You don't have to buy Pounds & Inches.  It is right here on the web site & you can just copy it from there.  I recommend printing it out to have it handy to refer to.  Here is the link:Simeons' Protocol 



The first question most frequently asked about pregnancy is whether hCG will cause a woman to be more fertile, since it is commonly used for that purpose.  The answer is: Not likely!  The amount of hCG used to increase fertility is many times more than what is used for weight reduction.

The next thing some ladies are wondering is if it is okay to do the Protocol during pregnancy.  Unfortunately, during pregnancy is the only time that hCG is not advisable.  However, you may find that, if you are pregnant, that the natural flow of extra hCG into your body will enable you to get the weight off in a similar fashion.  It is not recommended that you reduce your calories more than the amount required to maintain your reasonable for your height goal weight. 

A good site to check out the ideal weight for your height & frame is here.

Then use this calculator to find your minimum calories that must be consumed to MAINTAIN your goal weight (use the sedentary calculation for minimum & active for maximum):

Calorie Calculator

You may very well be surprised to find that the hCG naturally produced by your body during pregnancy will help you to control your appetite and get that extra weight off almost as easily as if you were doing the Protocol.  It may not be as fast, but that is best at this time for your body and your baby.  You will also likely observe the same type of sculpting as well as re-setting of your hypothalamus!



(also Overseas Pharmacies)

hCG is a prescription 'medication' per the FDA in this country.  You are supposed to have a prescription to get hCG.

However, the pharmacy where I get mine from (please use the link here or elsewhere on this web site so that I will get my little commission through them for referring you), being Canadian does not require a prescription to send it to you.  I do happen to have a prescription from my doctor, but I don't have to use it to order from these pharmacies.  The risk is that IF (& it only happens very rarely) your shipment gets confiscated by the FDA, you will need to take the letter that they will send to you (which it is not recommended that you respond to if you don't have a prescription) and send a copy to the pharmacy.  They will re-ship to you for free and I have not heard of anyone that this happened to not getting the second shipment. 

According to the FDA’s guidance entitled “Coverage of Personal Importations,”the FDA will allow consumers to buy otherwise illegal prescription drugs over the Internet from other countries if: (1) the drug is purchased for personal use; (2) the pharmacy fulfills a maximum of a ninety (90) day drug supply; (3) the product’s intended use is identified; (4) the patient submits in writing that it is for his/her personal use; (5) the patient supplies the name and address of the doctor responsible for treatment; and (6) the product is not a listed controlled or illegal substance (hCG is neither).  The pharmacies I recommend meet all these requirements.

Those are the facts, but keep in mind that I am NOT a legal professional and these are my opinions, observations & experiences only.  Personally, I recommend that you get a prescription, but it is not required in order to obtain hCG. 


"How can I be sure substances purchased from overseas are legitimate & don't contain
mercury or anything harmful?"

  • I have been researching both of these sources intensively and for personal use for quite some time now and have never heard of any customer complaints that were not resolved to the client's satisfaction, and the complaints have been very few.  I continue to monitor the forums and my own clients and these 2 services are consistently reliable and safe. 
  • The majority of firms selling drugs to other countries are the same firms selling these drugs in the USA. Generally, they may call the drug another brand name, but they are the same drug generically.
  • These services will not do business with a pharmacy that does anything to harm their reputation as they have worked hard to build a good one.
  • I also have a reputation I have striven to build and I sincerely do want to help folks out there to be able to access this answer to prayer in the form of the hCG Protocol.

Ultimately it is up to you. I recommend that you pray about it and then proceed as you feel led.



Prescription Meds & Vitamins:  You can take prescriptions &/or allergy meds during protocol, but, again, it is not optimum.  It may interfere some with your progress, but you will still have more success with this regimen than any other you have tried, IMHO.  You also want to keep in mind that many supplements
contain fillers which add calories and carbs to your daily intake.

There are plenty of folks who have stayed on all their meds & vites and done okay.  They usually do find that their weight release rate isn't quite as high as some other people's, and many of them have found that they have been able to go off of their meds during protocol because their bodies go through such a great cleansing that they have no more need for them.  You will be, hopefully, eating a very clean, organic menu that will detox & heal your body on many levels.  There may be some detox reactions (e.g., headaches), but they will pass and they are worth the trouble, so hang in there.  Personally, I stopped all meds & vites my first round and have only added some of the vites back in.  I am adding my vites to my smoothies, puddings & soup/salads:

  • Licorice Extract (for raising my too low BP)

  • Thymus Extract (for improving my hair - yes it is animal origin YUK)

  • Probiotic

  • Vitamin D (I tested deficient prior to protocol)

  • CoQ10 (for my mitral valve prolapse)

  • Magnesium Taurate (for head, bones & colon)

  • Niacin (for hair)

  • FoTi (for hair)

All of these products may be found here in Supplements section: 



There are several ways to get the required protein into the menu besides using meat.  You may want to consider this just for variety, or you may be vegetarian or vegan.

Note: For those of you wondering how one gets enough protein on a vegan diet, please see this excellent article:

Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein???

Soy protein is NOT something I recommend, however.

The problems I have with soy protein are:

  1. It's nutritional profile isn't as close to that of lean meats as Pea Protein.  The fat & carb content are too high.

  2. Most soy is GMO (genetically modified organism).  This is very bad for the body & may contribute to weight gain.
  3. Soy has properties that affect the hormonal balances in the body which, again, my contribute to weight gain.
  4. Soy is goiterogenic and interferes with thyroid function.  This is more important to someone like me who is hypothyroid with Hashimoto's Disease.
BUT, that is not to say you couldn't try it if you are in a tight spot financially.  I looked at a lot of protein substitutes before I found the Pea Protein & I felt that all of them were just too far off fat & carb-wise.
Please consider ordering here to give me a small credit for your purchase:
This large canister will last you about a month!

I really recommend & prefer the Sun Warrior Protein now, though, as I researched it carefully and it does have the absolute closest nutritional profile to any of the allowable meats, chicken breast in particular, besides the Pea Protein, and it also is much more blendable, not as grainy, with a better flavor and is also RAW, which leaves the important enzymes intact.  1 1/2 scoops is equivalent, very nearly, to the nutritional value of 100 g chicken, so that is the amount to utilize twice daily in Phase 2.

(note: the NATURAL flavor is best for P2) -

Delicious enough to be able to just put 1 1/2 scoop into 8 oz bottle water with 1 dropperful Chocolate Stevia and shake up for a smooth, creamy one meal serving of your Protein!

Order here:


The many problems with Almased, another popular protein powder substitute, include the fact that it contains both soy & dairy, neither of which is optimal health-wise!  Further, it is rather high in sodium, which will stall most people on P2, as well as containing sugar, a major no-no on the Protocol!!!  I would think results would be far less than optimal using this product!  Further it is rather Expensive; around $30 for 10 servings (which lasts 3 days).  



Round One 'Round' of the Protocol generally consists of the 4 Phases.  That means it lasts for a minimum of 46 days TOTAL, however, because many folks skip Phase 1 (preparatory phase) and Phase 4 can be considered the lifelong maintenance phase. 

Therefore, a minimum amount of time to reduce between 10 and 25 lbs would be the 25 days of the Phase 2 (Reduction Phase, including Load Days and final 2 VLCDs), followed by 21 days of the Phase 3 (Interim Maintenance Phase).  This should only be done if one is morbidly obese with a serious health requirement for rapid weight reduction.

Please note that I do NOT recommend skipping Phase 4, and that I personally have found, as have many of my clients, that a minimum of 3 weeks should be allotted for this maintenance period before beginning a new round.  I have tried that and found that for myself, as well as many of my clients, this can really cause problems.  You need that time psychologically, for one thing, to adjust to the new, lower calorie intake while eating relatively normally, and to prevent feeling deprived if you have multiple rounds to perform in order to reach goal.  It also seems to help to stabilize the body's weight so that future rounds' maintenance is simplified.

For Injection Dosing, one can purchase 5000 IU vials or ampoules of hCG per round.  This results in around 40 doses, usually a bit less due to human error in mixing and dosing, so with a short round you will be throwing away some of the mix when you are finished.

10000 IU mixed with the Pre-Mix for Sublingual Dosing will only last about 30 days.  Approximately 30 days per round is what I recommend anyway for a couple of reasons:

  • Psychologically it is stressful to do a course much longer, and one begins to experience feelings of deprivation in spite of lack of hunger due simply to having to restrict the diet to such an extent, which can weaken resolve to go forward;

  • One would have to purchase a 10000 IU and a 5000 IU to do 45 days for sublingual, which gets a bit pricey and impractical for many folks and involves mixing twice during the round.

  • The weight release typically slows toward the end of a round so that you will have better results doing shorter rounds frequently and getting the higher release rates at the beginning of the rounds more often.

To determine how many rounds you plan to do for the Protocol, simply assume an average of 15 lbs will be released per round.

Re-SculptingOne of the fabulous aspects of this protocol is that, even without exercise, the body becomes sculpted and there are none of the usual 'flabbies'.  In fact, many of us are finding that we are reducing in 'all the right places', unlike other reduction regimens.  For example, I am thrilled that my chest size is not reducing as much as it has on past diets, but my waist is reducing more!  Some people who have problems with heavy hips & thighs, but look okay otherwise find that the protocol will correct this.  A lot of people are doing this primarily for the re-sculpting that results.  I notice that I look better at 155 (my weight today) than I ever did before!  I still want to get to goal, but I can see the re-sculpting that is referred to by others in my own body. 

Scales: After a great deal of research, I have discovered what I believe isLifeSource Compact Precision Scale the ideal bathroom scale for the protocol.  It is a precision scale with accuracy to 0.1 lbs, very thin & light so that it can be packed for travel (which is a must as you will need to weigh daily to make this work, even for maintenance), and at an excellent price:Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale, Chrome

For a kitchen scale, it is best to have a very accurate digital one that also will travel well:

Sheepra: This is my YouTube name and I chose it because I consider myself to be one of Yeshua's sheep as I am His follower.  My prayer is that all that I do in my efforts to help others be blessed by my answered prayer of this hCG Protocol will glorify YHVH, my King. 

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University.  I minored in Math & English.  My professional background is Environmental Engineering Consulting, where I specialized in Hazardous Materials & Waste training and OSHA training for corporations.

More About Shalom

Here you can check out my musical tastes:


Side Effects:

From my research, side effects are extremely rare and, when they do exist, are not severe.  Usually nothing more than medium headaches, leg cramps & fatigue, with some folks experiencing hunger the first week if they didn't load sufficiently. 

Quick fixes:

I do believe the anxiety associated with the major changes to one's diet & lifestyle can cause side effects that would seem severe. This is a dramatic difference to introduce into one's life and may require some of the preparations described in Trudeau's book in the Phase 1 sections for some folks to really be ready to go through with it.  You may want to think about doing some cleanses, for example, in the time you await your hCG to ship in (which can take several weeks).

hCG does NOT cause acne. The cleansing effect to the body resulting from the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) can result in toxins released in various ways, including through the skin for SOME people, but not all. The best remedy for this is to cleanse before embarking on the Protocol. One may also utilize milk thistle to help the liver process the toxins so that they are less likely to be eliminated through the skin. B12 and other B complex vitamins as well as Zinc supplementation may also help.

Overstimulation of the ovaries is a side effect that has never been reported with the small amounts of hCG used for weight reduction.  It has occurred only in women using the far larger amounts required to stimulate fertility, so it is a nonissue.  There is some discussion on the net about a whole list of side effects that fall into this same category: only applicable to hCG used for fertility.

Stall or Plateau, Gains:  There are a few techniques for breaking a stall:

There are several things that can cause one to reach a stall or plateau, or even to gain weight in the Reduction Phase 2:

  • Your body may find your current weight to be ideal and Simeons tells us in 'Pounds & Inches' that one cannot reduce below that weight using hCG.  Though you may desire and feel that additional weight reduction is ideal, if it is not ideal in terms of what your hypothalamus perceives, hCG will stop working and you will experience hunger, because it will no longer be capable of pulling those extra calories that stave off the hunger from 'abnormal fat stores' when they no longer exist!  If that is the case, Simeons advises that one increase calories to 800 for the rest of the Protocol, but if you are so near the end, I recommend you terminate according to Phase 2 instructions here and proceed at your new body weight: Phases  You may also want to take measurements and compare to those you took before the Protocol to find that you have re-contoured quite nicely, I am sure.
  • You may have reached a stage where the reduction begins to 'stair step' or weight loss occurs only every other day or two.  This is typical after the first week or so and no cause for alarm
  • You may not be consuming enough water.  It is imperative that one consume at least 2 liters daily.
  • You may be consuming more than 500 calories daily.  This is why I recommend using the FitDay program to calculate your daily consumption. 
  •  If you are not following the Protocol MENU, this can cause major interruptions in progress.  No cheating!
  • Your scale may not be accurate enough or may be malfunctioning.  It is intrinsic to your success to invest in a high precision scale, and to take it with you when you travel.  See Scales for recommended products.
  • Exercise beyond what your body is used to can result in a stall, or even a gain!  Take it easy and see more here.
  • There is a new way to boost metabolism and enhance results on the Protocol that is very similar to the old Master Cleanse Diet.  Of course one is not allowed to have maple syrup on Phase 2 or 3, so that ingredient is nixed.  However, some folks have been having some success just doing the lemon juice, cayenne and water.  I tried this out myself the last time I did a round to get a bit off that I had gained. My recipe is a little different than the one going around, but this one sure did work for me. 

    Here is the Sheepra Booster Toddy recipe:

    8 oz Purified Water

    1/2 Organic Lemon (Myer's) Fresh Squeezed Juice - from MasterCleanse

          Detoxifies the liver

    1/8 dropper full Cayenne Pepper Extract - from MasterCleanse

          Boosts metabolism & regulates BP (Note: you may also simply use Cayenne Powder, but  I suspect the extract is more effective)

    2 Capsules Cayenne Pepper

         Just to ensure there was enough to have significant effect

    1 dropper full each Cinnamon Stevita & Peppermint Stevita - substituted for MasterCleanse Maple Syrup

          Makes the Toddy drinkable! & Cinnamon helps with cravings & metabolism while Peppermint soothes that cayenne burn so it doesn't hurt your tummy/exit;)

    1 t L-Glutamine 

         Helps reduce cravings immensely!

    1 t BarleyMax

         Overall health and immunity

    I put this in a bottle and shook well, then drank it down.  Next I would fill the bottle 1/4 full with more water, shake again, and chug that.  I took this concoction twice daily.  This can also be used on Phases 3 & 4 on days when you may be consuming a bit too much carbohydrate/calories, or on a Steak Day to help boost the correction.  I don't know if omitting the Cayenne caps, Glutamine or BarleyMax is just as effective as that is not how I did it, though I have heard that some folks are getting results that way, except they don't use Stevita, they are using artificial sweeteners, which have been proven to increase cravings and I recommend against.

    You can find all of the linked products in the above recipe here: Sheepra's Booster Toddy

  • Realize that stalls happen normally and are not always a consequence of error.   See what Simeons himself says about it here: Stalls/P2
  • See Hunger for more possible causes and solutions.
  • Lastly, remember that there are sooo many differences between a regular diet and the hCG Diet Protocol, yes, even when you have a slower release rate than most.  Here are just a few:
    * the weight comes off in all the right places so that there is a 'sculpting' effect not achieved any other way
    * the hypothalamus get re-set so that your metabolism works right and the insatiable cravings are alleviated
    * you don't have the hunger issues that require titan willpower on other diets
    * you don't have to exercise to keep the weight coming off
    * and, finally, many folks find that they have much better health after each round, whereas on other diets mostly folks are depleted and less healthy from lack of full nutrition due to calorie restriction.

dont_quit.jpg picture by Sheepra


Steak Day:  This is used on Phases 3 and 4 when one exceeds the +/- 2 lbs difference from Last Dose Weight (LDW) to make a correction.  It requires that one abstain from all food until the evening meal when one is allowed a large steak cooked in oil (coconut oil is great for this as it will not create trans-fats at high temperatures, AND it is YUMMY) or butter, and one apple.

I have found that it is helpful to consume one Sheepra Booster Toddy around Brunch time, and another a half hour minimum before eating your dinner.  This doesn't seem to affect the large reduction that can come the next AM weighing time, and it helps to curb any hunger.

If you want to substitute another meat, for some reason, salmon is the best to go with for this purpose.

Also, I have revised the Steak Day for vegans & vegetarians by using the 'Steak Day' Pudding recipe that works every bit as well as the steak, with a nutritional profile incredibly close to that of a 12 oz filet mignon!

Filet Mignon:             cal: 575, fat: 30g, carb: 0, protein:71

'Steak Day' Pudding: cal: 594, fat: 27g, carb: 12, protein:72 (not including the apple)

It is absolutely imperative that the Steak Day be done IMMEDIATELY the day the 2 lb limit is breached. If this is not done, it is counterproductive to do a Steak Day the next day, or to do 2 in a row, as this will skew the hypothalamus' function again so that it will slow metabolism and increase cravings. The reason Steak Day works is that more calories were eaten the day prior and the body can have the reduced calories and respond correctly the very next day. But when a Steak Day follows a day that did not include additional calories, it will not respond correctly. When the Steak Day is missed for the correct day, the correct procedure is to take one's weight on the following day as the new LDW (Last Dose Weight), and then proceed from there to do the Steak Day correction if the weight exceeds 2 lbs above this new LDW.

If the Steak Day does not get your weight back down under the 2 lb limit, which is extremely rare, then it is best to take that new weight as your new LDW.  If the Steak Day does not get your weight very far back down under the 2 lb limit, it is wise to be careful for the next few days with the sugars and starches, almost like on a P3 day, but also to keep your calories within a reasonable range by limiting fats to a very reasonable amount as well, unlike P3. 

If you want to begin incorporating Steak Days after neglecting them for a while, it is best to use your current weight as your new LDW and make it a point to do a Steak Day immediately upon weighing in the AM to discover the 2 lb limit is exceeded.

Sublingual:  The sublingual mixture is a liquid I put together myself, just as you can, too!

  <---     I have instructions here. I mix the same hCG powder that is used for injection mixtures with Sublingual B12 & Sheepra Silver Colloidal Silver.  It tastes like the B12, which is yummy, but it is a tiny amount and I hold it under my tongue for 20 minutes.  That is probably longer than necessary as I have heard of folks that only do 5 minutes and get great results, but I am a bit of a perfectionist.  I much prefer Sublingual (SL) to injections for the following reasons:

  • No requirement to have 'skip' days once/week or for TOM.  (I know some folks using injections have reported having to deal with some hunger issues on those skip days and I prefer not to experience that!)
  • Much lower risk of immunity, therefore can have P2 as long as you want (though I don't recommend exceeding Simeons' max of 45 days)
  • No hassles with sterility issues
  • No risk of pain of injection
  • No risk of infection at injection site (although rare)
  • Use less vials, needles & syringes
  • Can mix using Sheepra Silver Colloidal Silver to preserve mix for longer periods of time reducing the frequency of mixing
  • No significant difference in weight release rate
I have been observing the HCGDieters Yahoo forum since September 2007, and my research indicates that SL (sublingual) is just as effective as injections.  You can go here (Weight Release Rate) to see my thoughts on what influences weight release rate in general and why I advocate SL over IM (IntraMuscular Injections).
It doesn't appear to me that IM is better than SQ (Subcutaneous Injections, i.e., just under the skin), either.  I believe that the delivery method is not what really makes the difference in how effective hCG is for an individual.  I think that Simeons & most doctors & many clinics utilize injections because it gives them better control over requiring the patient to come in and be observed, as well as more recently, providing an opportunity for additional office charges and creating an impression that the protocol cannot be done by a layman.  And remember that with SL one uses approximately double the dosage that injections require, so the amount getting into the system is most likely completely equivalent.  It has been noted that the method usually used with SL of dosing twice a day gives advantages over injection once a day because it keeps the hCG levels in the system more level. 
Although I haven't compiled the data I have observed, I believe my conclusions are logical and realistic.  I am very happy with my results, which you can view by clicking here
  I don't think it is necessary to go to the additional trouble & risk associated with injections to achieve the best possible outcome.  I know that for me, and likely for others, possibly you, not having to add the stress of injections to the protocol is worth any tiny advantage that they may have to offer (again, I think this unlikely) so that my ability to succeed is greatly enhanced, not to mention the fact that stress inhibits weight release.  Please consider all these factors before making your final decision on dosing method.


Sublingual Technique:  SL isn't a terribly difficult technique.  You simply squirt the contents of your syringe or dropper into your mouth under your tongue and hold it there while it is absorbed. 


It's really easy to just squirt the tiny amount of hCG mixture into your mouth under your tongue using the syringe & needle.  You can do it in front of a mirror at first if you aren't confident that you can keep from sticking yourself.  Even if you did, which is highly unlikely, it isn't going to hurt you as it is fairly sterile and would at most scratch the surface.  If you don't want to do it that way, you can get a medicine dropper at your local pharmacy and squirt the mixture into that through the little hole at the bottom, keeping the glass tube of the dropper horizontal so that it will not run out or deep into the rubber bulb, then squirt it into your mouth with that.

But I really think you will find that you can easily just skip that extra step and squirt it from the syringe.  Let me know what you decide to do & how it goes for you. I am quite a perfectionist myself and blew this way out of proportion initially, but have since realized there was no need as it isn't a great big deal after all:)  


As you salivate while holding the hCG mix under your tongue, don't swallow it, but hold it in your mouth as well.  It shouldn't become a quantity to great to hold in your mouth, so don't worry about that.  If it does, then you may swallow a bit of it.  If it doesn't all stay under your tongue the entire time, no worries!  In fact, it turns out that the area between cheek & gum also absorbs sublingually, so I reckon that's how chewing tobacco works!  If there isn't much left under your tongue should you peek, that is probably because much of it was absorbed through the membranes there, which is the mechanism by which SL works.  You will see that it is working, I feel certain of it!  Just do your best and if it's in your mouth for a few minutes with most of it under your tongue, it's going to work.  Personally, again, being a tad bit of a perfectionist, I keep it under my tongue for 20 minutes, but I have heard tell of folks only going for 5 and doing just fine!


If you don't allow it to absorb sublingually, but swallow it instead, it is degraded in stomach acid significantly so that you really won't get an optimal amount.

Supplies: It is possible to save $$$ by reusing supplies when doing sublingual dosing.  You really don't need new amber vials for every mix.  In fact, I use the same ones for every 23 day round.  I would say you will need a new vial after 23 days because the lid will be full of holes and start to let air in after that many times of accessing for your daily doses.  But I do re-use the vial myself due to financial constraints, as well as the syringes and needles.  Just clean those syringes & needles out by flushing with water well after each use.  For more info go to Mixing Ingredients & Equipment and/or Order Supplies


Sweeteners:  I don't recommend anything with artificial sweeteners (e.g., Splenda, Aspartame, SweetnLow, etc.) on or off the Protocol.  Those toxins are likely factors in causing the hypothalamus to do the crazy things we are trying to re-set it from!  Although there are folks who have used those products and still had success on the Protocol, I feel that we are trying to optimize our results and will accomplish that more readily by avoiding toxins. 

Stevia is an excellent sweetener.  You can find great flavored stevias, as well as the unadulterated powdered leaf (which some folks say doesn't have the bitter aftertaste) HERE.

You may also find that the

organic, vegan, Kosher, gluten-free, alcohol-free


found at the site below combine well with stevia to come up with even more options, including

  • S'Mores,

  • Cheesecake,

  • Irish Cream,

  • Cream Soda,

  • Caramel,

  • Butter Pecan, and

  • Bananas Foster!

 Nature's Flavors






Temptation:  (Also see 'Hunger')

It is helpful to purchase the HCG Gourmet Cookbook because the recipes are good enough for the whole family...they just get to eat larger portions than you do.   I encourage your family members living with you to try to eat some of the same things you will be eating, but lots more, of course.  It is sooo important that they work with you and help you on this.  Another critical issue: they need to help you out by getting all the things that will tempt you the most totally out of the house until you are done with the protocol.  They need to understand that you are essentially a food addict at this point and it is very much like being an alcoholic or drug addict.  Actually it is much harder because you can't just quit and, on top of that, everyone else is indulging in your 'drug' right in front of you quite often.  So this needs to be addressed by the whole family for you to be successful.   Please encourage them to watch this video to garner their very key support:


There should be no processed sugar or foods containing that in the house!  Also anything else that you have a known weakness for that could throw you off.  I personally will not even look at commercials on TV that are for food.  I think Kevin Trudeau is correct that techniques are used by advertisers to 'hypnotize' us and we need to reprogram our brains.  I won't allow my gaze to rest on forbidden foods when I encounter them in the store or restaurants because I have found that the longer I look, the harder it is to resist.  I reckon it is a 'lust of the eyes' phenomenon.

One thing that has helped me that Muzzie taught me is to think of the food smells from other people's foods as aromatherapy.  Like, I wouldn't want to eat the scented candle I love to smell because I know it isn't real food.  So, if I think of their food as aromatherapy and realize that, for me, that isn't real food, I can just enjoy the smell and not have to have some to eat.

Also, if you feel you must break over at some point, try to let it be for just one thing a day.  Just have that one thing and STOP!  Worst case: allow one hour of indulgence and NO MORE!  Don't let it make you stop the protocol.  Keep going.  A lot of folks have cheated and still made progress.  It may not have been as much as they would have made otherwise, but it was more than if they had quit. 

You may also want to utilize some of the suggestions listed here: Hunger

And remember:














Thyroid:  I have thyroid probs: hypo & Hashimoto's.  If you are on thyroid medication, anti-depressants, or even if you have tested as having a normal TSH, I encourage you to explore this site and get your hormones tested and have a plan to treat any imbalances before you embark on hCG.  It is okay to be on your thyroid meds on the Protocol, even if your release rate is slightly reduced.

 TOM  (for ladies, only: 'Time of Month')  Although the original protocol requires no dosing during menses, this seems to be unnecessary when doing sublingual, particularly if one is not sexually active. 
If, however, you are doing injections, it appears to be sufficient to abstain for only the 3 days of maximum flow.  There are folks who don't stop injections at all for menses and I have not heard of any problems with that. 
  It is generally believed that Simeons discouraged dosing on the cycle to prevent ectopic pregnancy from occurring, but if you are abstaining or using birth control, that is highly unlikely.  I have not heard of a case in the over 2 years I've been researching this Protocol.

Sometimes these days of no dosing during menses are referred to as 'skip days', but that can also include the 1 day/week day without dosing that is standard for the injection method of dosing.  Some S/L Dosing folks will also skip that 1 day/week, but it doesn't seem to be as critical for them.  Simeons requires the 'Skip Days' once a week for injections due to the risk of immunity otherwise (see Immunity to HCG ).

Vegan:  A Vegan is different from a Vegetarian in that they not only don't consume meat, but they also eliminate eggs & dairy from their menus.  I have chosen to eat this way due to the massive evidence uncovered in my research that indicates this is the optimum nutritional profile for the human body.  Genesis 1:19 describes the original, ideal Edenic food plan for man as vegan and, although we are given permission later in Scripture to eat other foods, I believe it was an allowance and not an expression of YHVH's desire for us.  Further, with the atrocities committed at factory farms, when we choose to eat meat and dairy we promulgate that evil.  There is a myriad of reasons to eat this way!  If you would like to know more, check out where Kevin & I were trained & certified as Health Ministers!  (Please remember to use Health Minister ID # DUI when ordering from their bounteous site so that we might get a tiny credit for referring you.)

High Raw Vegan implies that I am eating more than 85% of my foods uncooked and in their raw, natural state, in addition to being Vegan.  The Hallelujah Diet is High Raw Vegan.

Video LogsI would recommend that you consider doing your own YouTube VLOG of your journey.  It will help spread the word and help others, but I feel certain that you will find it really will help you as well!  Kind of an accountability sort of thing, I reckon, but also the rush of helping others in a very important way.  Just be sure to set it up so that all comments have to be approved so that you are in control. You will find my VLOG here:   


VLCD (also Allowed Foods & Menu):

This is an acronym for 'Very Low Calorie Diet'.  That is the menu for the reduction phase, Phase 2, of the Protocol.  It is limited to 500 calories a day of a specific menu of foods. 

The first thing to remember is that the menu found here:
should be followed very closely, especially on your 1st Round.  So anything not on that list is a no-no!
Here is a simplified



  • Water

  • Coffee (Not recommended as it has been shown to produce cravings)

  • Tea (decaff will not produce cravings)

  • 1 TBS (tablespoon) of milk a day

  • Not on original: Zevia sodas (noncaffeinated) & Sparkling Water with stevia have been found to be universally safe

•You can have 2 servings of meat a day. Do not combine the servings. Each serving is 100 grams (3.5 oz)
•All meat is to weighed before each meal.
•Occasionally when the thought of meat is discussing you can have an egg (one whole and 3 whites) ether boiled, poached or raw.

Allowed meat is:


Chicken Breast

only the breast from chicken only no other bird. Take the meat from the bone before cooking




Fresh White Fish

no salmon, eel, herring, mackerel, dried, or pickled fish




  •Are not to be mixed
  •You can have 2 servings a day, not to exceed 500 calories with everything else.



Beet Greens

Red Radishes


Green Salad







•2 fruits a day; do not eat a the same time

1 Apple

1 Orange

1 handful Strawberries

1/2 Grapefruit


( does not recommend this as it has been shown to increase cravings)
•2 breads a day not to be eaten at the same time
  1 Melba toast
  1 Grissini
The juice of one lemon can be used daily. Any spices are OK, but must be accounted for the calories they contain.
Vinegar acceptable, especially Apple Cider Vinegar.

No fat, oil, butter, or dressing.

I am aware of how important it is to have foods that are easy to prepare, because when you are not in the mood to do so and there is nothing simple available, it can be a disaster for the Protocol!
That is why I have come up with the following.  I hope it helps you and others!

Sheepra's Simple Shopping List for Groceries

*       Canned Tuna (water packed, preferably wild caught on label)

*       Canned Asparagus

*       Canned Chicken (water packed, preferably organic)

*       Tea (preferably noncaffeinated)

*       Pasta Sauce (jar, oil & sugar free)

*       Lettuce

*       Zucchini

*       Onion

*       Lemon

*       Apple Cider Vinegar

*       Organic Meat (if you’re into that, elk, venison, buffalo are acceptable)

*       Protein Powder

*       Stevia

*       Shirataki Noodles

*       Cultured Veggies

It is important to keep track of your calories carefully, therefore I recommend that you use FitDay Calorie Counter to calculate your daily consumption.  The best way I have found to do the VLCD is to PLAN AHEAD!  This is an important practice for anyone who has bondage to food issues in all the phases. 

  • It is helpful to start by inputting your protein. 

  • Now you can add in your 2 small fruits for the day, one for each meal. 

  • Next, you will want to add in the allowed vegetables.  I find it nutritionally as well as psychologically fulfilling to include 1/2 lb of green, leafy vegetables daily.  The easiest way to do this is in a SheepRAW Smoothie

  • Now, you can figure out how many calories are left over for your second veggie.  Go ahead and take it up to at least 475 calories.  Don't get overzealous and think that choosing a lot less calories is going to make this work better!  Been there, done that, doesn't work! 

  • Also, please note that if you are using spices, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, etc. for recipes, these items DO contain calories and must be added in as well!


Weight Release Rate: Before my wedding years ago, I went from 159 to 143, but it took 3 solid months of exercising at the club an hour and a half 5 days a week as well as major struggles with self control on what I ate.  Now I can drop 16 lbs in 3 weeks with no exercise using hCG!!!  It is such an answered prayer!

Weight release rates vary from person to person, I have observed, based on a variety of factors:
  • Age (younger folks appear to reduce faster)
  • Gender (men appear to reduce faster)
  • Starting Weight (the closer one is to goal weight, the slower the reduction rate it seems)
  • Food Choices (this varies widely on an individual body chemistry basis, apparently)
  • Water Consumption (~120 oz Pure Water daily)
  • Concluding final meal at least 3 hours prior to sleep
  • Sleeping a minimum of 8 hours (strangely, sleep seems to increase weight release)
  • Including the 10PM to 2AM 'healing sleep window' in your sleeping time
  • Weighing food (especially first few rounds)
  • Keeping a food log (especially first few rounds)
  • Sticking religiously to Protocol
  • Staying around 475 calories (closer to 500 may introduce too much margin error)
For this reason it is important to try not to compare your weight release rate with others.  Instead try to stay focused on the fact that this is likely the most successful weight reduction regimen you have ever experienced!










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