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Attention: Thanks to the increasing hurdles imposed by our beloved government and other unforeseeable circumstances, it is my sad duty to inform my dear clients that this web site  has had to reduce size by removing many of its pages.  The Shoppe is now  unavailable for purchases.  

I have tried to continue what I considered a ministry as well as a business for as long as possible, but it has become no longer financially feasible as I have been operating 'in the red' for over a year now.  Thanks and much love to all those who supported this effort.  I pray the HCG Protocol will continue to help people who need this natural means of weight reduction so very much. 

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The healthiest AND tastiest way to do it!


You DO need to take the hCG on loading days.  The loading works with the hCG to prep your bod for the changes coming. 

There are two primary reasons for loading:
1. The hCG effect of burning your abnormal fat stores for fuel does not kick in until the third dose, so eating 500 calories without this effect of hCG will cause you problems in terms of losing structural fat and being extremely hungry until it does kick in.
2. You need to replenish the structural fat stores that are usually depleted in dieting, assuming that you have dieted without hCG in the past.

The emphasis here is on consuming foods high in FAT.  You may eat whatever you want, but fats are what you need to focus on these loading days.  Loading days are to help your body set up the new hCG in your system to start burning fat.  You will want to eat or 'load up' on as many fatty foods as you can possibly stand.  Dr. Simeons' Protocol states to 'eat to capacity' for those first 2 days on the hCG.  The consequence if you don't has been for many to discover that their hunger is still there and can become uncomfortable.  If you 'load' properly, you will find that the hCG begins right away to scavenge needed calories from your abnormal fat stores (the really annoying ones like in the gut) so that you feel no real hunger at all.  This doesn't mean you won't experience some 'emotional' hunger, especially if you are around others eating whatever they want.  But you will discover the ability to distinguish between the two types of hunger: real & emotional.  I was amazed and thrilled when this happened, as most folks are.  So loading is important. 

My mother used the 'Eat Every 2 Hours' method, and it served her well.  Not easy, but it works.
Now, you can include foods high in sugars & starches as well, but the emphasis for this purpose is on fatty foods like avocados, almond butter, olive oil and the like.  I confess, however, that my first load was partly spent at a state fair and included such nasties as fried twinkie (my first...& last!), funnel cake, chocolate banana and greasy veggie sub, to name a few only!  You will find it difficult as the hCG will already have begun to dampen your appetite, but it is important that you push yourself to eat, perhaps even every couple hours for those 2 days, if you can.  It sounds like fun at first, but, believe me, it really isn't after a point at all.  You will welcome that first VLCD day!

There is some psychological benefit to loading on unhealthy foods that include fast foods, county fair foods and the like for some folks.  It is a kind of 'farewell' to those foods, a last hurrah, if you will, that helps them to prepare for the VLCD days to come.  So, if you feel that you need this, perhaps it will help your resolve in the days to come on the Protocol.

There are different opinions on whether one must load for subsequent rounds.  Here is mine: It is ok to do that but not absolutely necessary IF you have not released additional weight in phases 3 & 4, sooo if you have then it is necessary to re-set your body to draw on the abnormal fat stores rather than those it would draw on when you are not taking hCG.  Another option is to only load one day instead of two, but again, only if you have not dropped weight without hCG since your last Phase 2 on hCG.

Some folks prefer to load a little lighter on rounds that occur after their very first round.  It is still a good idea to emphasize fats on those load days.  It is also not uncommon to do only one load day on subsequent rounds and still have success in Phase 2 with no hunger.  If, however, you did not load properly on your first round and still experienced hunger during that first week, you will want to be sure to do an intensive load on your next round.  After that, if you like, you may consider doing lighter or shorter loads on subsequent rounds.  Either way, it appears that most folks release all the load weight plus additional weight within the first two VLCD days, whether they load intensely or lightly.

Healthy Cold Pressed Oils

Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil on everything!



26.5 grams for just one of these beauties…slather some Veganaise in the pit dent and eat with a spoon!!!


Especially: Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Pecans, Pine Nuts, in that order, can really boost your fat gram load

Nut Butters & Tahini




Sesame, Sunflower, Pumpkin are all great!


The oil, the milk, the meat … fabulous!  May also contribute to healing thyroid gland.


Green or black, and stuff ‘em with tahini!














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